3 Ways To Help You Get Up And Out In The Morning

Let’s face it! We’re not all morning people.
I for one am a morning person,
I’m even weirder than you thought.
That said almost everybody I’ve lived with over the years have been the complete opposite.
“If you don’t shut up talking I’ll burst ya”
I get so much done first thing in the am. I actually like having the alarm of for 6am.
There are so much benefits to getting up early.
However it’s not wise to tell your partner these benefits at 6am if he or she is more of a night owl.
I’ve had numerous kitchen utensils fired at me as a result.
Benefits include packing more into your day, getting your training out of the way and it just sets up a stable productive base to the day.
Start as you mean to go on and all that jazz.
Here are some tricks I’ve picked up off my teammates who hated waking up early!

Get your crap ready for the morning.

If you have a bike ride or a gym session planned for first thing in the morning get all your kit ready and leave it aside to hop straight into..
Little trick?
Leave it all in the hot press.
It’s all about the little things!
But seriously make sure you have it ready because when that alarm clock goes off those little things become a lot bigger when it comes to putting them in the way of getting out of bed.
Make it as seamless as possible from duvet to kit.
Or you could always sleep in your kit and just fall out of the bed and go! (Joking)

Alarm clock out of arms reach

The dreaded snooze button.
How many times?
Leave your alarm away from the bed, that way you have to jump across the room to turn it off.
This is such a pain in the ass, but if you’re really struggling to get out of the cot it really does work.

Phone out of the bedroom

How often do you stay in bed scrolling through various social media platforms before you get out of the bed?
So many people sit in bed scrolling through Facebook Instagram and snapchat for ages before getting out of bed.
Stop procrastinating and get up out of that!
Give your phone one last look in the kitchen before going up to bed at night time and leave it there, You can catch back up on all you’ve missed overnight when you’re having a coffee in the morning.

Get an early morning training partner

You’re far less likely to skip the alarm for training if you have a training partner waiting on you.
They can act like a secondary alarm clock, especially if they’re earlier risers than yours truly.
They can almost act like a second alarm and message you to make sure you are awake, thrust me if you have any conscience at all that should make you jump up.
Get up and at it early lads – be productive!
Beep, Beep, beep.
Ps. Change those alarms that sound like someone just broke into a bank – no wonder you’re not a morning person with that being the first thing you here in the morning.

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