7 Habits To A Healthy Relationship With Food

Today I’m coming to you a little run down to be honest.

I’m by no means a drinker, but when one of your good mates has a stag in Poland you just get on with it, right?

This week has been an absolute disaster as a result.

Feeling sorry for myself is an understatement never mind my productivity levels being at rock bottom.

That said the weekend was a serious amount of craic.

Since I’ve come back it has all been about trying to get my routine back in order.

A big part of this has been my eating habits.

I like to have a blow out here and there diet wise and that’s what happened over the weekend in Poland.

Ice cream for breakfast and a beer/pizza combo for lunch.

Happy as a pig in shite essentially.

Since coming home its back to normality.

I’ve decided to list the daily habits I use that keep me on the straight and narrow below.

Food is more than calories, fuel or macros.

It’s an emotional relationship and such relationships need to stay healthy for the sake of both our mental and physical health.

  1. Ingrained beliefs

I have lived with some proper nut-jobs over the years and when you’re a young athlete or newcomer to the sport you’re like a sponge to water – you seek information and regardless of its quality you soak that shit right up.

However like in the case of the oul sponge, you can’t tell if what you’re soaking up is murky and full of dirt.

Even though your parents had the best intentions they may have ingrained things that may in-fact not be helping.

E.G. “If you don’t finish what’s on your plate you’ll get a clip around the ear”.

Have a real think about what you do, do some of the habits you’ve inherited need the boot?

Mine certainly did.

  1. Eat real food

Trust nature and pick foods that grow.

If it comes in a box try and avoid it.

That includes the like of cornflakes – it’s over processed crap.

Have some eggs and avocado.

I’ve only started doing this in recent years as like a lot of people I got caught up in the fat free low kcal trend.

Steer clear guys.

Cut down on processed and packaged food.

I was in a friends house last week when he ate a fully packaged microwavable meat feast pizza – (he’s the non athlete type obviously)

God it smelled like shit.

From my experience if it looks like shit, tastes like shit, you guessed it – its probably shit.

  1. Meal prep

Some people can take this stage to a whole new level.

That said I believe a bit of forward planning makes a hell of a difference!

One of the lads reckons that it was the lack of meal prepping that was the main problem with his diet, so he’s began having his meals delivered!

Yes paleo style breakfasts lunches and dinners delivered for approximately 100 quid a week.

Obviously this is the extreme and suits a bachelor or couple but it highlights that nobody’s situation is the same and what works for you might not work for your mate.

I’m currently struggling on meal prep time so I’m going potentially going to test it out rather than let my diet suffer– if I do I’ll let you know how it goes!  

  1. Everything — yes, everything — in moderation.

If I want something I have it.


The nourishment you get from something you really want can be worth its weight in gold.

It’s not about the food being labelled as terrible or not it’s about nourishment and satisfying that want.

People (myself included) over eat on the good stuff rather than have that little bit of what you want.

That bit of ice cream would often be far better than another serving of carbs.

  1. Eat when you’re physically hungry.

This probably comes from living in France with no money!

But I’m very well practiced at allowing myself to get hungry.

It’s not starving myself or anything like that, but I am not afraid of a few hunger pangs and rumbles.

Don’t eat because its lunchtime and that’s what everyone else does, eat because you’re hungry.

  1. Stop eating when you’re comfortably full.

This one seems pretty intuitive but it fits in nicely with ingrained beliefs.

“You’d better finish what’s on your plate”.

This is still ground into Irish culture.

Men in particular seem to view it as a sign of weakness when they leave something on their plate.

My dad still passes comment when I go home “would you not finish that no?

To which I’d reply, “that portion would satisfy king kong”.

  1. Don’t keep problematic foods in the house

It’s pretty simple lads; don’t buy shit food to sit in the press.

If you want it go and buy it.

A good week of diet choices can be completely derailed by a bad day or even an instant if you have a load of crap food nearby.

Your body is stressed and it wants you to indulge.

If it’s there you’re going to smash it.

Don’t give yourself the option.

I could add a lot more to this list but I find these are the things I do best on a daily basis to keep me on the right track.

It doesn’t come naturally though and these habits took a long time for me to implement.

Pick one and a time and nail it rather than trying to implement them all at once.

Happy eating,

Aaron B.

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