All chips on the table or don’t bother starting…

On Friday evening just gone, I dropped into a mate’s house for a few beers, with the idea of being back before the better half hit the hay that night.

Hmmm, silly plan I know.

Come 4am. We were still up, talking chain ring size, the fastest tyres and various coaching techniques.

While I can handle my beverages (at the best of times), my mate didn’t do so well on this occasion.

However, in his drunken state he did propose two interesting questions.

Question one…

(After a swig of Duvel)

“Out of all the coaches you’ve had, (hiccup) what was the stand alone quality that separated all coaches”?

Excluding the actual training sessions used.

Not bad for a drunk at 4am, hey?

In response to question one…

I have had quite a few coaches over the years, some really good, some not so good and some total fruitcakes for good measure.

When I think about what separated the best coaches I’ve worked with, it doesn’t come down to the training techniques implemented.

I think mostly about, how they made me feel.

My stand-alone best coach was someone who I respected as a person, athlete and someone who knew his stuff.

Particularly when I needed to know why I was doing a particular session. I.e. not just, ‘because it works’.

However, as for a key component, it was partly down to me too.

The magic sauce…

You see, the stand-alone component to a coaching client relationship working at its optimum, in my opinion, is buying wholeheartedly into his or her coaching process or philosophy.

This comes from both sides of a coaching/client relationship.

If you’ve done your homework and decide to work with a new coach, buy into their process!

You don’t have to be best mates with your coach, but respect from both parties and how you speak and communicate with each other is crucial.

It doesn’t matter if I’m the best coach in the world: if an athlete doesn’t submerge and fully believe in my process, it simply will not work.

Take home message?

Buy in, Respect and Communication.

For the second question and subsequent answer stay tuned to your inbox for our next mail!

Ciao for now!

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