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Off-Season Training for Triathletes

“The coming season seems a long ways away and but a review now is critical for success in the year ahead” By Liam Dolan   If you are in the Northern Hemisphere it is quite likely that your 2014 season is done and dusted. There are a few big races left for those willing to […]

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A Pocket Guide to Sportive Survival

“Sometimes there is a small margin between an event being highly satisfying or being thoroughly miserable” By Anthony Walsh, BL   You may set your sights on one big sportive event in the season, but your enjoyment of that will depend on your preparation and plan for the day. Sometimes there is a small margin […]

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Time to Assess the Sunday Group Ride?

“The Sunday morning group spin is one of the undervalued cornerstones of cycling development” By Tom Daly, PhD   September is that time of year when many cyclists begin to re-group for the Sunday morning spin after being dispersed in their various cycling activities during the summer.   The Sunday morning group spin is one […]

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Time Trialling

“A Time Trial isn’t always won by the rider who produces the highest watts per kilogram figure”   By Anthony Walsh, BL   Time Trialling is often referred to as the race of truth. On the surface it would appear that the race of truth is the purest measure of a riders’ ability to generate […]

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Out of Love

“I came to re-appreciate that cycling is a truly beautiful sport with a rich, textured and colourful past”    By Anthony Walsh, BL   I have had a couple of injury-hit seasons. They have taken a physical and mental toll and prompted friends and family to ask: ‘Why do you still ride’? During the extended […]

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Cycling is Not the New Golf

“His remark, ‘cycling is new golf’, troubles me. My instinctive reaction is one of defiance. The thought of cycling becoming a social platform to facilitate business transactions is disturbing”    By Anthony Walsh, BL   The Sunday morning alarm clock sounds. For normal folk this a day of rest but for cyclists it’s another opportunity […]

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