How Much Cycling to Lose 1kg?

Lose 1kg body weight with cycling? Yes, you can! It involves intensity, duration, frequency, diet and metabolism. Cycle at 15 km/h for an hour and burn 500 calories. Create a deficit of 7,000 calories by burning 500-1000 daily. Cycle 1-2 hours daily, 4-6 days a week. Eat a diet rich in proteins, fibers, and low […]

12 Best Foods To Eat When Cycling Long Distance

Cycling long distances needs fueling your body with the right foods. Here are 12 great choices: Bananas: Quickly digested carbs, plus potassium and other nutrients. Oatmeal: Fiber for sustained energy, plus slow-release carbs. Dates: Natural source of glucose for energy. Berries: Antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. Chicken breast: High in protein for muscle repair. Chia seeds: […]

How To Fix Squeaky Brakes On a Bike (Rim & Disc Brakes Included)

Squeaky bike brakes can be really pesky. Plus, it’s a safety issue! Here are some tips to fix them. Rim: Clean the rim and pads with rubbing alcohol. Scuff up the pads with sandpaper or an abrasive sponge. Adjust them so they make full contact and toe them in. Replace them if they’re worn down. […]

How To Lower Heart Rate While Cycling?

Cycling can be tough. To maintain your heart rate, here are some tips: Start slowly. Give your body time to warm up and get used to the exercise. Control your breathing. Deep, slow breaths, exhaling through pursed lips. Hold a moderate cadence – 70-90 rpm. Stay hydrated. Drink enough water. Strength train too. This will […]

Are Cycling Shoes Supposed To Be Tight?

The Importance of Proper Fit for Cycling Shoes Cycling shoes are a must for any serious or recreational cyclist. Not only do they make riding easier, but more comfortable and secure too. It is essential to ensure your cycling shoes fit well. If not, you may experience pinching and discomfort, and even be unsafe in […]

How Long do Cycling Shoes Last?

Cycling shoes can last from 2-4 years. It depends on how often you ride, your riding style, and the fit/comfort. Plus, proper maintenance can help extend their life. Here are some factors that affect the life of cycling shoes: Frequency of use: Regular riders need to replace theirs more often. Riding style: Competitive racers and […]

Does Cycling Give You a Bigger Butt?

Cycling is a great form of exercise for your lower body muscles, like your glutes. But, it won’t give you a bigger butt. That’s because cycling mainly works on endurance and cardio, not muscle building. For bigger changes in your glute size, strength training exercises are more effective: squats, deadlifts and lunges. Cycling can help […]

Can You Wash Bike Shorts And How To Properly Care For Them

Yes, you can wash bike shorts – but it’s important to follow the right care instructions. To help, here are some tips: Read the care label on the shorts before washing – so you do what the manufacturer says. Wash in cold water with a gentle detergent. This will avoid damaging the fabric and keep […]

Injured by years of running? You can get the same benefits from cycling.

Injured by years of running? You can get the same benefits from cycling. heavykoala770 March 4, 2022 sports According to a US Track & Field report, running remains one of the most popular pastimes for Americans. Their figures show that in 2002, for example, an estimated 10.5 million Americans walked at least 100 days. Compare this to […]

Cycling, cycling, and cycling-how they got where they are now

Cycling, cycling and cycling-how they got where they are now heavykoala770 March 4, 2022 sports The first forms of bicycles were created in the early 19th century. They were commonly called “velocipedes“. They were pedal-less, wooden constructions with hard wheels. The rider sat on a chair and used his legs to propel himself. It was […]