Being Prepared For The Worst & A1 Training Camp Roundup

Its arrived, the final day of our week in Spain is coming to a close.

It’s been a blast from the past for me this week if I’m honest.

I haven’t been away training since 2013 with Rapha Condor.

Additionally it’s the first time I’ve roomed with Walsh (Anthony) since we lived together in France in 2012 racing full time.

It’s so easy to get sucked back into the full timer mind-set of going training for half the day and veg’ing for the other half here in Spain and as a result I feel like I’m caught in a time warp!


Waking up looking at his scraggly head doesn’t help either.

Camp tensions

Usually at this stage of a training camp you would notice tensions getting high at times and people getting easily pissed off (Normal enough especially when you consider how tired everyone gets) but I’ve never seen such a big group of people to all get on so well.

Except for Mark yesterday when he was going to bate Anthony for trying to steal his sandwich at the café, he went into full veins on the side of the head, ‘rage mode’ for a few seconds.

Obviously some get on more with others and that’s human nature but overall it’s made the week super easy and a pleasure to be a part of.

With all training camps and groups of people in any setting you tend to get little splinter groups forming within the larger group.

Me – I loved being a bit of a loner back in the day when full time but that’s changed now (for the most part) partly because I’m not hungry all the time.

(Joking/ not joking)

The hipster house

One distinct group that did form was the Hipsters as they became know, who were like three siblings.


I’ve run off on a bit of a tangent here, so back to the point.

The main man in the hipster group ‘Cathal’ (Centre) had a tumble on a decent on Tuesdays ride.

Nobody wants to come off his or her bikes at any stage but to come off at a training camp really sucks.

A guy braked too much in front of him mid camber and bang!

Down he came after a touch of wheels and slid down the road on his arse.

In Cathal’s defence I’m very selective of who’s wheel I’ll descend on and his is one I’ve no problem with.

So we have put the crash down to over breaking by the guy we didn’t know in front if him.

In other words ‘non-pilot error’.

Regardless he will be forever known as ‘slider’ as a result.


The infamous slider.

We are very lucky to have our own Doctor Lucy on the camp with us so Cathal’s minor injuries were well tended to.

The whole situation highlights how simple accidents happen and why you need to be prepared for the worst when going on a foreign training camp particularly if you’re not on an organised camp and you don’t know the area.

Top tips –

1. Have all the phone numbers you may need saved in your phone and the address of your accommodation (I’ve fucked up here more than once)

2.Know where the nearest hospital is.

3.Bring some simple fist aid bits and bobs in your bike bag so you can manage basics cuts and grazes if you have a tumble unless you bring Lucy with you.

4. If you come down your body has been dished more to recover from on top of the beating you give it riding everyday so it will need extra rest and recuperation.

Try get some extra sleep and depending on how bad the tumble is don’t go on a big ride the next day – take it ham and cheesy and go for a coffee spin.

While unlucky there’s always a lesson to be learned and I’m pretty sure slider learned his lesson!

If you have any additional experiences to add that you think might help others stick them in the comments.

Back to the norm next week.

Thanks for coming!

A. Buggle

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