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Unit 1 Build Training Introduction

Unit 2 Myth Busters

Unit 3 Planning Your Season

Unit 4 Power & Heart Rate Explained

Unit 5 Setting your THR and FTP

Unit 6 Explaining Zones

Unit 7 Phase 1

Unit 8 Phase 2

Unit 9 Power Profiling

Unit 10 Weight Training

Unit 11 Eating On Long Rides

Unit 12 Drinking, When And What

Unit 13 Supplements

Unit 14 Recovery

Unit 15 How To Use The Planner

Unit 16 Join The Facebook Group​

Eddie Humphreys, A1 Member

Guys, a question for you. Its January, It's freezing, I'm in Week 10 and the problem is......i'm absolutely flying!! I'm smashing all sorts of records on my rides. I used to race at a pretty high level and I am coming back to racing after 7/8 seasons out so my stock winter training used to be based round plenty of miles. This stuff has pretty much turned things on its head in terms of training...

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