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VIDEO LESSON IV: Instant Results

If YOU have limited time to train, BUT still want to see serious REDUCTIONS in your TT times off less than 8 hours training per week, then "the david millar tt system” is just what you need.

​What is "the david millar tt system" ?

This system is the result of training and racing at the highest level for over 20 years, 18 of which as a professional cyclist. I've distilled everything I learned over that period about time trialling into an easy-to-follow 5-step time trial system. Honestly, if someone had shown me this when I was a young rider, I’m sure I would have racked up dozens more TT wins.

What do you get with "the david millar tt system" ?

The David Millar TT System is exclusively available when you sign up for monthly membership of - Once you sign up, you will be given instant access to a private VIP section of the A1Members-David Millar website, where my complete system is contained in 3 sections comprising over 3 hours video training (with step-by-step instructions of how to implement my system), checklists, cheatsheets, season planners and much much more...

Renews at €19.99 per month

Section 1: Video Training for Each Step of "the david millar tt system"

# Step 1. Your Position. The biggest barrier to your TT speed is your body's resistance to the wind. I go over each and every aspect of how you can dramatically increase your speed by making simple adjustments to your TT set up.

# Step 2. Equipment. You do not need to spend $000’s on the latest TT bikes in order to be faster. I will show you simple adjustments and inexpensive upgrades you can make to your TT bike which have a massive impact.

# Step 3. Course, Strategy, Warm up and pacing. One of the biggest mistakes most riders make is they do not have an effective warm up and pacing strategies for Time Trials, I cover exactly how you can pace for optimum performance in your next TT.

# Step 4. Mind-set and Goal Setting. As Fabian Cancallera once said, Time Trialling is 80% mental. I will show you how you can set Smart Goals and develop a winning mindset.

# Step 5. The 6-week TT training plan. In order to be a successful Time Trialist you need to ensure that you are training the right systems. I give you a 6 week TT peak plan, which will guarantee you arrive for your target TT event in optimum condition. I have detailed out the exact daily training sessions you need to do over a 6 week period to peak for your key TT event.

# Bonus 1. How to suffer. Undoubtedly, one of the biggest elements to Time Trialling is the ability to push yourself to the maximum. This involves suffering, but I can show you a proven strategy to help you go deeper, for longer!

# Bonus 2. Setting your training zones. And how to do the dreaded functional threshold test effectively.

Over 3 hours of video instruction from me where I literally give you every tip and tactic you need to follow to successfully implement my TT system.

Renews at €19.99 per month

Section 2: Every TT resource you could need.

Resources included with the system for the perfect TT:

- 6 Week Perfect TT Training Programme.

- Perfect TT Strategy Plan – Checklist.

- 3 Hour TT Countdown Checklist.

- TT Bike Set Up Checklist.

- TT Warm Up Routine PDF.

- Core Strength Training Guide (important for effective Time Trialing).

- Stretching Guide - it never gets any easier - you just get faster!

I’ve also included a fantastic A1Members cook book, with 38 different cycling specific recipes for you to follow, which will ensure you are eating the right foods before, during, and after your ride. These recipes may help you to lose weight in a sustainable way, plus you can save hundreds by making your own energy bars – so you won’t have to fill yourself up with processed rubbish like energy gels ever again.

You will also get a 2016 interactive season planner. You will be able to plot your training exactly around your biggest season goals using this interactive planner, so you can be sure of hitting peak form at exactly the right time.

You will not have to wonder what training you should be doing and how to plan for peaking at your main season events. Simply follow the sessions and you will know you are getting the maximum return from your time invested, and you will peak at the right time of the year for your key event.


Section 3 VIP Exclusive Bonuses…

For the VIP members who sign up in the first week only you get two additional bonuses:

Access to 2 Private Online TT Training Webinars where I will answer each and every one of your personal questions around training, position, equipment etc.

Access to a Private A1 Facebook Group – you will get advice, support and daily motivation from me and my team.

This is the most comprehensive TT course ever put together, with one aim in mind, to help YOU get faster and improve your TT performance.

Renews at €19.99 per month