Dressing like a pro: the controversial parts

We’ve been through the clothing basics in a previous piece, but now we are going to go through the controversial fashion trends in cycling.

This article is sure to cause a stir!

We’ve had endless debates out cycling, flat out abused each other over these issues. Outsiders might not understand but trust me; to us socks are very very important. Cyclists are probably the only minority in the world that are delighted when they get a pair as a Christmas present. To any other person they are just a stocking filler, but to us they’re the star of the show!

Here are the A1 rules (Disclaimer: Ramblings are my own and do not reflect any club, companies or associations which I am affiliated with)


Probably the most controversial piece of cycling clothing. Long, short, white, black, multi-coloured; the possibilities are endless.

Over the years the trends have changed a lot. 10 years ago ankle socks were the in thing and in this day and age you’d struggle to find one professional rider that wears them.

For me, socks have to be black (wet conditions) or white (sunny conditions) and approximately 10cm above the ankle.

No coloured socks ! We’ll leave them to the snotty nosed teenagers that like to express themselves through their socks.

Mathieu Van Der Poel is one man that knows his socks, take note!

If possible, matching shoe and sock combinations are the ultimate pro look. Lets face it white shoes are by far the nicest but unfortunately we don’t all live in the south of France and after one spin in Ireland they are likely to be brown.

Coloured shoes are ok but just and go overboard.

Finally, don’t be that guy that wears white socks on a rainy day. It physically pains me to see a good pair of socks wasted.  Unless you’re a pro and have an endless supply, don’t do it.

Worse again, don’t try reuse a pair of white socks that have been through a rainy day. Grey socks are not cool!


There’s no doubt about it mitts serve a very good purpose. The thought of crashing and tearing up the palms of your hands is enough to keep you awake at night.

But less face it, they aren’t the coolest piece of clothing.

I can understand why people wear them but I am of the same opinion of Tom Boonen. He was asked before Paris Roubaix why he doesn’t wear mitts and he replied “because its gangster”. If they aren’t cool enough for Boonen they aren’t cool enough for me.

There’s something about the thrill of wearing no mitts that makes it so cool.

For those who wear them in racing, it’s understandable. Just do yourself a favour and leave them at home on training rides. They simply give off the impression that you are going to crash.

For those who wear mitts for added comfort, you people need to harden up!

Gloves and Overshoes

This is point that often gets overlooked but it’s what differentiates us from mountain bikers!

The logic is if you’re hands are cold your feet should be too. Therefore, if you’re wearing gloves you should be wearing overshoes too. Wearing gloves and no overshoes is a terrible looks and should be left to the mountain bikers.

However, if you’re wearing overshoes you don’t need to wear gloves are overshoes can be worn for aerodynamic reasons.



Jersey, shorts, arm and leg warmers should be in team colours or black. Other colours are acceptable but white is simply not an option. That colour is reserved for world national champions, the rest of us aren’t qualified to pull it off.

They are the rules! They are sure to cause some fireworks. I’m looking forward to reading the comments when this piece goes up 😉


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