How Training To Excess Can Make You Fat

I woke up this morning with a plan of driving into the city to pick up a bike I’d left into a shop.

However, after doing her lippy in the car last night, my better half left the car light on. (Again)

Cue the car not starting this morning…

Although a bit pissed this morning, I’m really glad it happened now.

Riding through town with another bike in hand was great craic!

Anyway, I’m now sitting polishing off a quick coffee and thinking about a call I received last night…


The call was a favour one of the guys on A1 members; a good friend of his has had an on-going issue and wanted to bounce his query off me.

He keeps getting reoccurring infections and no matter how much training he does or how well he eats, he cannot loose fat.

First port of call was the diet, but I found he’s working with a very good nutritionist I know quite well.

After listening to him explain his unbelievably hectic lifestyle (kids, business, training etc.)

It hit me…


Did you know that exercising more or too much could contribute to your fat stores?

I know it sounds a bit nuts, but yep it’s possible.

Additional hours on the bike or in the gym, might not be helping at all…

No this doesn’t mean you get to be lazy, just smart.

Lets delve in a little deeper!

What’s the reason all of your training might not be helping you ‘LOSE WEIGHT’?

Its linked to that godforsaken word I mentioned above!


So every time we have a stressful day, your brain send specific signals to release subsequent hormones.

The key thing to remember is that your body handles and perceives all stress the exact same way…

 Row at home
 Bad day at the office
 Big day training
 Road rage
 Your other half leaving the lights on in the car..

You name it…

It all results in a release of Cortisol.

Cortisol is released all the day long once there’s a stressor present.


As you’re well aware it triggers a hunger response, even though you haven’t burned a tonne of calories.

The body then craves comforting food in order to release more pleasurable chemicals that reduce that stress and tension!

Obviously getting rid of all stress and anxiety isn’t possible.

But there are things you can do to limit it.

Stay tuned for the next email when I cover the advice given to a friend of a friend.

It could just make all the difference.


Aaron Buggle

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