How Your Daily Routine Affects Your Performance

It’s all over.

I’m finished my studying and submitted the last of the material for an add on course I was doing alongside it.

I’ve a chronic bad habit of biting off more than I can chew unfortunately.

I have been in bed the last 48 hours and now I’m back ready to train, work and actually get my hands on something without having to task switch all day.

We all know that a daily routine is built off habits, then the combination of these habits combine to hopefully make a powerfully productive day.


Yeah – in theory Buggle!

Today I am setting a new routine in motion thanks to not having to study for half the day.

I’m also very well aware that this doesn’t just happen and building a new routine takes weeks – but bit by bit I will get there.

I fully believe that the early part of the day is where you have the most control over how the next 24 hours turns out.

A fault of mine is that I’m quite black and white sometimes, if something goes wrong everything has a tendency to go wrong – ‘sure if I have one biscuit I might as well eat the box’ – kinda job.

If the day starts poorly or unsettled it’s off balance in my head and everything is a little more tense throughout the day.

So why not ensure you have the best possible start by trying some of these habits – or go and create your own.

Try out these small actionable steps to set yourself up for a day of improved productivity.



Some people feel productive if they make their bed every day, a housemate of mine sweeps her floor every bloody morning (weird and I’m not suggesting you do the same) others read a bit of a book (me I read 10 pages only or I’ll fall back asleep)

Others bang out press-ups every morning to pep up and motivate themselves for the day ahead.

Mine is 10 pages of a book, have a coffee and while its brewing do a few yoga style stretches or even use the band for a few minutes – for shoulder and trunk mobility.

Normally knocks out a nice few cracks after a night’s sleep too.

Make yourself a promise and a goal to do a simple action every day and see how beginning your day on the right foot will lead to other positive reputable actions.



If you’re an early riser and you train hard in the morning, this doesn’t apply to you as much, however if exercise isn’t a part of your morning routine then excess carbohydrates in the morning aren’t needed.

Beginning your day with a dose of high GI carbs will upset your blood sugar and encourage cravings and plummets in energy – que Barry Murray!

Kickstart your day by giving the body what it requires first and foremost.

My personal morning favourites are eggs, Greek yoghurt – nuts and seed, I’m also partial to a bit of bacon and some avocado.



I always mill a glass of water out of every morning that’s sitting in the bedside locker.

I’ve also began drinking different hot beverages to replace too much coffee, matcha, green and peppermint teas are not only filled with natural health benefits – they are also hydrating and beat drinking a boring glass of water.

Before you leave for work in the mornings get fill yourself up a portable bottle of water and drop in some chopped up lemon, cucumber and celery into the bottle.

The old wives tale of coffee causing dehydration has been de buffed you’ll be glad to know.

Well, if you drink coffee and always have i.e. it’s habitual, it won’t cause dehydration and it may in-fact rehydrate just as well as water does.

After an overnight fast, it’s essential to hydrate your body so subsequent training isn’t effected.

The longer you delay on this, the harder it is to consume your daily water dosage and you’ll be up all night visiting the can.

Now, you have kick-started yourself… here’s some other personal suggestions about how to enhance the quality of your day – take what you need from this obviously!



Donate one or two minutes max to yourself a few times a day to enhance your overall health and well-being.

Sitting is the new cancer so if you find yourself sat in front of a screen all day, commuting to and fro work and sit in front of TV all night- you need this.

Get out a foam roller and/or a set of resistance bands and for example do some foam rolling and some band pull aparts.

It will improve your posture, alignment and shoulder/pelvis health.



Sleep our biggest natural ergogenic aid!

It’s always overlooked as an essential element for health, give yourself some “headspace” try the app called headspace and listen to it each evening, I found it a great way to get started with meditation.

If your sleep is poor nothing will be at its best – sort your sleeping habits and watch your other habits improve as a result.



With the phone constantly by your side, it means you never fully switch off, as a coach trying to study recently with a phone always buzzing was a disaster for me.

I started turning it off for a set amount of time though and this helped – plus I had the understanding of my clients.

If you use your phone as an alarm or use it for the likes of the headspace app – bloody put it on aeroplane mode and stop it flashing all night!

Leave it on aeroplane mode until you’ve got up and done your first daily routine and if you’re like me have had a strong coffee.

Don’t start and finish your day with the usual troll through social media websites in turn filling your head full of stuff that has the ability to

  1. A) Interrupt sleep or B) set your day off on the wrong foot.

Face it when you’re up, awake and ready to face the day with a bit of oomph!

These are just examples of some steps you can deploy to make your day a more productive one.

We are blue in the face saying it to clients – progression and true longevity in cycling is built off a successful routine.

While I am a cycling coach, I ultimately want you to excel and be as productive as you possible can in other areas of your life.


Cycling is a lifestyle – the more your lifestyle is conducive to the sport the better your riding becomes.


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