It’s All About Panache!

Winning and results are often considered the most important thing when it comes to cycling and sport in general.

Without pointing any fingers, winning can appear systematic and almost boring in our opinion.

When we look at the greats in our sport, what is it along with their results that brought them to the top of the sport?


To exhibit panache we believe winning alone simply isn’t enough. Recall some of your favourite race finishes over the years, most if not all are incredible displays of the admirable quality we like to call panache.

The term itself originates from something to do with a fancy French hat. But in lay-mans terms it’s a show of charisma, an act of ones bravery to exceed against the apparent odds and to do so with an air of style.

Instantly for me Peter Sagan’s ride to win the worlds springs to mind… hair standing on end type stuff that connects to with us on an almost spiritual level.

Amazing feats of strength, on their own are great… but are they enough..

2016 has had many of these moments so far, what are your favourite showcases of character with a hint of style? 

I look forward to the rest of this season and plenty more examples of courageous and gripping riding particularly in the rest of this years tour de France.

Aaron Buggle

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