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Blogs on the beach

While I didn’t plan on it, this blog was written while on holiday in Greece.

I woke up stupid early this morning and took off down to the local beachside café.

The sun is just coming up and there’s a Japanese lady doing yoga out on the beach in front of me.

When would you get a better chance to get blog post done?

The fact I’m on my holidays I wanted to keep this one short, sweet and not so serious!

A bit of a soft topic for the craic.

Café caps

At home before I left I went for a ride to the café with the crew.

I was the only one that forgot a café cap.

Note I called it a ‘CAP’

It’s not a hat guys it’s strictly called a cap.

While I got ripped apart for leaving my café cap at home… I got over it.

Helmet wanker

While some people don’t like it, on café spins up the coast sometimes some of the guys don’t wear helmets.


Yes undoubtedly, but grown men make grown decisions and they are aware of the dangers.

I for one bring my cap in my pocket for the café – pro tip that one.

Nonetheless I became known as ‘helmet wanker’ for the duration of todays ride.

When we got the café one of the lads wore a cap the made him look like he should have been cast in that Johnny Knoxville movie ‘The Ringer’.

So the real slagging commenced!

If you can’t wear the café cap correctly they shouldn’t be worn, they just look ridiculous!

This is super important for our A1 brigade as we want every one looking at their very best.

Particularly if you’ve purchased an A1 cap – you need to get it right!

Especially at the café!


What is loft?

Loft or as some people like to call it luft especially in the UK…

We at A1 called it loft, Period.

Below is a photo of my old team manager John Herety, taking loft to a whole new level.


You see loft is essentially having the cap perched on top of your head.

Some people can make it look really good, others not so much.

While some people say this is down to the cap, a lot of it is also down to the size of your nugget also.

One of our crewmembers for example struggles to find a cap big enough to allow any loft on his mallet head.

Pretty unfortunate.

Take home points lads.

• Its caps, not hats.

• Stay wearing your lid and keep your tasty café cap in your back pocket.

• Retro caps are cool as fuck.

• Don’t pull the cap right down onto your head, leave it nice and baggy.


It’s known in our circles as ‘loft game’.

“Nice loft game there pal”

You heard it here!

Told you it was a soft post!

Crucial, but soft!
Until next time.

Aaron B.

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