Make It Simple, Make It Count

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I’m just after smashing out a watt bike session with Anthony.

The 3 hours I had planned early this morning didn’t happen.

Anyway all studies are done shortly and I can see the light.

Yesterday I spoke to a former teammate and pro on Skype out of nowhere.

We haven’t spoke in ages and it was great to catch up.

We discussed how the game has changed so much since we were teammates.

Cycling has become ‘cool’ and hugely popular sport among the masses in the last number of years.

I took the piss out of him stating – “how the fuck do you still do it”?

To which he replied – “I learned from the best, eating my lunch while walking around the shop and leaving without paying has kept the head above water, you know yourself – mate”.

In my defence I was 18, living in France hadn’t a penny and was practically starving so I did have the occasional munch while walking around the shops.

It was that or die of starvation and fuck that.

He spoke to me about his training and racing and it really did make me realise how much life can change in three or four years.

I told him about A1 coaching/A1 members, studies and training and the contrast was amazing.

I told him about all the science that goes on behind the plans, the app the strength and conditioning the blogs and he was amazed.


We spoke about how the pro’s do the simple things really REALLY well.

He told me how it meets with a local group of mixed abilities from his local town in Australia once a week in the off-season.

He said he doesn’t even understand half of the stuff these guys talk about anymore!

The amount of techy stuff we talk about in our sport nowadays is absolutely mental and near impossible to digest.

Power this, torque that, gear ratios, is the shift off that cable smoother than this cable, my CTL is 5 lower than I planned, what about core work, I need to change my saddle, actually my saddle is too low, I think I need a bike fit.



Lets simplify it a little.

1. Follow a tried and tested approach with access to coaches and sound coaching advice.

2. If you’re a newcomer – get a bike fit.

3. Train hard – recover harder.

4. Don’t overthink it – when training is done forget it.

5. Track your progression by keeping a proper diary

Don’t wreck your head worrying about what the rest are doing.

Trust me if it categorically worked we would have it at A1.

‘Oh he’s taking that supplement or he is doing that session or this many hours’ I spent so many years looking for these little added extras!

They don’t exist!


The consistent smart application of worth ethic – that’s the key.

So please give your mind a rest!

Rome wasn’t built in a day and you won’t get their any quicker by looking for all these ‘quick fixes’ just grind away and you will get there.

Don’t get me wrong read and learn what you can but don’t try change everything at once.

Sometimes you really need to just switch of the brain be thankful that you’re busy and just ride the bloody bike!

We say it all the time at A1 if you want to be like someone or get somewhere follow the footsteps of someone that’s done it before you.

I have yet to come across a top rider that wrecks his head about all the variables that newcomers do.


They’ve learned the long and hard way that it doesn’t help.

Cycling has become somewhat like the supplement industry – all this new fangled crap that people wreck their heads about all day everyday.

If you follow a programme on A1 members, eat properly with Barry and maybe utilising the strength plan too you’re devoting enough time to cycling as it is.

Believe in the process and work hard on the right amount of variables – too many cause anxiety and everything go’s to shit.

Remember cycling is a lot simpler than people make it seem.

If you really want to get there make it simple and make it count.

Aaron B.

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