Base Plan Introduction

The Base Plan is made up of 8 Modules and inside each, there are various units for you.

As you complete each unit of each module, you can mark the​m "complete" at the foot of the page, and you can keep track of your progress in the sidebar "Your Progress" - these units in the sidebar will turn green when they have been marked complete. You can also get an overall picture of your progress in the progress unit of the introduction module. 

​1. The Introduction - You're here now. This helps you understand how to use the plan.

2. The Initial Threshold Test. This is where you record your threshold before the plan.

3. The Base Training Plans. These are your week by week plans explaining what training to do and on what days. You are expected to download the relevant plan for you and complete the prescribed training to the best of your ability. After you have completed a week's training, you can mark it complete in this section.

4. The Base Strength Plans. This section has 2 strength sessions per week available to download for each of the 12 weeks of the base period. It is up to you whether you want to follow these or not. You can also adjust the plans for your needs. If you choose not to follow these plans, you could be missing out on some easy gains.

5. The Base Nutrition Guide. This section provides videos and resources on our recommended nutritional habits. This section has been influenced greatly by Barry Murray, who has worked at the highest levels as a top performance nutritionist ​to professional cyclists. 

6. The Base Video Guide. This is the bank of videos from Anthony Walsh & Stephen Duggan that we have which outline the different concepts and training involved in the base period. ​This is essential reference material for your understanding of the sport and your mindset relating to the sport. We recommend you watch all of these. 

7. The Resources Bank. This is a collection of resources that you can use to complement your training.​​

8. The Final Threshold Test. After 12 weeks of following our base plans, you are going to complete another threshold test. It's going to be very exciting to hear how much you have improved. We expect lots of discussion about this in the private Facebook group.

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