Periodization And You…

The basic idea of block periodization is that each macrocycle (a year or season) is divided up into distinct mesocycles (2-6 week blocks)

A mesocycle is a small chunk of the annual cycle that focuses on a specific goal such as your functional threshold for example, before resting and moving onto a new specific goal.

Both have shown their worth in studies so which do you choose?

It depends on the individual for me…

Linear periodization requires strict organised progression and nowadays people’s lifestyles don’t always allow for it.

I often use a mixture as a coach, for example a winter may be quite linear and follow a very set pattern but then as that becomes harder with the racing season underway I move into a block approach.
Where I give the athlete a specific focus – for a few weeks, I find this change up once the season starts works practically very well in regards long-term motivation and performance!

Now that you’ve got a bit of an insight to the science of periodization – believe me if you’re doing the same training all year round you will stagnate and you’re not realising your full potential.

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