Rain – Why You Need To Train In It

Wet Wednesday commute

It’s a horrible wet Wednesday afternoon and I’ve just finished a physiology exam.

What an absolute horror it was too.

As prepared as I thought I was going into it – I was still stressed out of my bracket.

The oul stress funnel as I like to call it was full to the gills this morning.

Some oul lad the that pulled out in front of me in his Mercedes on the commute this morning caught the brunt of just how stressed I was.

If strangely enough you’re a cyclist and you’re reading this blog I apologise wholeheartedly.

I’ve got nothing against red hair or glasses on a normal day!

Anyway, I’m home now after getting soaked on the ride home – Although it being my last exam for a few weeks the rain actually added to the elation I felt leaving the university – I was actually aiming for the puddles.

I’m going to sell riding in the rain to you… tough sell.


  1. Psychology-

I have always trained in the rain, personally I enjoyed knowing that I had a days training up on 50% of people that are too soft to get a little wet.

I love stating that I like it too.

“I motor when it’s raining’ it really cracks people up!

You also increase your own self-confidence in being able to handle those conditions and it heightens your perceived sense of mental toughness.

This is really important – if your soft – look, we will forgive you – but there’s a lot to be said for seeing yourself as being mentally tough – even if you’re a bit of a fairy behind it all!


  1. Peter Sagan like bike handling skills-

Riding in the rain is more dangerous than riding on dry roads for pretty obvious reasons!

Oil on the roads, white lines, man hole covers, brake lights in front of you it all leads to increased demand on your bike handling skills.

Trust me its best to nail all this stuff in training before you try it in an event –it does your confidence the world of good.


  1. Race prep-

Getting your kit right for a race is key to performance – I won’t lie I have been caught on the wrong side of many race splits due to wearing the wrong kit in cold or wet conditions.

Having to stop or remove and go back with kit is a disaster and there is no place better to practice than out on a training ride in the pissing rain.

Another component is tire pressure,

If you are a newcomer to the sport do you know what tyre pressure to run in the rain?

You could chance an oul Google search – but if I was you I’d test the waters on training ride first!


  1. Consistency –

Unless you’re like Anthony out riding around in the sun in Girona like a full timer on a daily basis you are going to be faced with shit weather.


The more you man up and get your session done the more consistent your training becomes!

We all now that consistency is the key don’t we!


  1. That wonderful feeling –

Lets scrap all the other nonsense for a minute.

I’m sitting at home on the sofa in a fluffy pair of pyjamas with a big plate of food and a cup of tea after a 20-minute steaming hot shower after a wet spin.

I feel fucking amazing sitting here now looking out at the rain.

A real heightened sense of comfort and a hint of ‘fuck you, I got my session done, how about you ‘?

In future when you’re on the fence in regards a peddle through the puddles, think of me telling you the following…

Its good for you in more ways than one, so harden the hell up and get out on your bike!


A. Buggle

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