Shay Elliott Memorial Race

Guest Blog From Timmy O’Regan

So here I am after 2 weeks off coaching.

Thanks to Ryan and the lads at A1coaching for facilitating the break, the heads gone a bit and work/travelling has interrupted the training , I wasn’t able to follow the plan accordingly, so I took stock of what I had in the legs and asked for a break.

Plus not doing the Ras has impacted the head too; all in all the early season hasn’t gone as planned.

Some things had gone wrong and just needed to step back take a quick holiday to Belgium with Joanne, eat some frites, waffles A LOT, drink loadsa Beer, great beer, best beer in the world I reckon and just get the blowout out of the way. Visited Emilia (who I used to live with while racing there), Mark and Anne, I was delighted to give Emilia a surprise. Was nice to be back but a little sad especially since Harry (Her husband) is no longer with us (RIP).

Getting back into it now

Getting back into it now, carry about 5kgs which isn’t helping matters but il keep hammering myself and will see where we get, iv always had a good ability to suffer, but the extra weight is definitely holding me back.

So 2 races done at the weekend, and boy what a sufferfest, what I thought was an 80km park race turned to a 40km race. But it brought back memories of a Tuesday night from years ago, 7 yrs infact since my last park race!! Back then when I was less worried about crashingJ!

40km in the park wasn’t bad, except I made it rough, losing loadsa time on the corners and sprinting back up.. Disaster!! But all in good time and got some tips from Martin Gilbert and head came round near the end of the race and was fine. Lesson learnt and I just need to forget the past occurrences!!

Sunday.. THE BIG ONE!

Shay Elliott – Circa 170km!!

Plan – Help the lads get into the move!

Early on I hovered around the back, my legs were in absolute bits and I wasn’t at all comfortable, I have no idea why.

I settled after about an hour and soon made my way to the front, hitting the 3 X 20ish km laps was tough, enjoyed the bumpy section and short sharp technical downhill, wheels screeching and leaning right over the back of the bike to slow. I allowed myself slip back on the narrow roads and found it difficult to move up, so I couldn’t really help at all.


Unexpectedly seeing 3 riders come against us, and what happened next iv only ever seen once before, some slight drizzle, downhill, 3 riders approached, 1 of which fell towards ouyr group, bang, chaos, riders to the front, right left and rear just dropped. I feathered the brakes unclipped and waited to be rear ended, riders skidded by me and into other riders.. But no it never happened… I came to a stop, hopped off the bike, quick scan for the lads, nobody there and got going again waiting for a group to come along!

Ate and drank and now was time to get home. Survival mode, all I could think was thank god I can get into work in the morning.. And there it is.. The work factor, the stakes are higher now, I love racing but I love work and I don’t get paid to be absent!! So after Glenmalure, small group intact it was time to get home, I must have Sat on the front for the last 30km and just drove it steady to the line ensuring all riders behind were in tow and I got a nice workout. I was never so happy to get home, it was a bloody long day on the bike and I just wanted to be done with it.

Home, out for dinner and relaxed and here I am a day later, glad nobody was hurt and thankfully these big smashes don’t happen so often.

Until the next time.





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