Six knowledge bombs to lessen your chances of infection

It’s a Saturday morning and while I had planed a day off the grid with my missus, I got the go ahead to go for a recovery spin.

So here I am, writing a sneaky post from the café.

I was on the phone to a long-term client of A1 coaching last night talking about illness.

He has a sinus infection and has been sick a couple of times already this year.

After a chat with Anthony yesterday the consensus is that a few lads are ill at the moment.

This is going to get worse as the weather inevitably changes for the worse in the coming weeks and months.

Walking pharmacy-

In the past I have always been a person that struggled with illness multiple times a year (sinus, chest infections etc.) and at least one course of those dreaded antibiotics every year.

Since I was forced to stop cycling 3 years I haven’t had one cold, flu or infection excluding the odd sniffle.

I’m busier and around far more people than I used to be.

(Remember I was a complete hermit)

How do I get away with it?

I’m going to tell you!

Mental strength and resolve-

I tell myself I literally don’t have the time for illness anymore.

It’s a game of mind of matter really and I’m not sure amount the science behind this one but I believe in the power of the placebo effect! I.e. if you think it will help and truly believe that, then it will help!

I had myself convinced that I would be sick at the same times every year (when the seasons changed) and I always was! Now when someone tells me the same I reply with “ Nah, I’m never sick to be honest”.

It cracks people.

Knowing when to hit the off button –

I never used to hit chill out button, even when it looked like I was relaxing my mind was essentially doing a full gas vo2 effort.

When you feel an illness coming on don’t throw the ‘rattle out of the pram’.

If you begin to stress and worry about it you’re totally screwed.

That will only exacerbate the whole situation and make it worse or last longer.

When you feel it – don’t stay up late watching shite T.V! Go to bed.

Don’t ride that day either or work out in general.

Drink some extra water and just get some more sleep.

Sleep –

Everybody talks about it; and I’m blue in the face telling people.

Nowadays sleeping longer than 6-8 hours is seen as a weakness.

It’s not; it’s smart – really smart. You should, as an athlete with a lot of moving parts to your life, be shooting for the 8-10 hour mark.

Wash your hands –

Sounds stupid, right?

But until I started working with phlebotomy and bloods with my studies I honestly had no idea how to wash my hands!

A quick rinse under a luke warm tap and wiping your hands on the front of your jeans doesn’t quite cut it lads!

Use your head.

If you touch something that loads of other people are touching wash your hands or leave antibacterial wipes or sanitizer at your desk or in your bag.

If you haven’t washed your hands and you get an itchy eye – don’t use your ‘mangey’ finger that’s touched everything in sight.

Try commute on your bike!

Avoid the plague guys!

I have been a commuter my whole life and unless there’s a really good reason for it I avoid public transport!

Especially in the winter- think about it, all those people, sniffling, the steamed up windows it’s a breading ground for bacteria and the likes.

Ride to work!

Which brings me to my final point.

The correct amount of exercise –

As I said before in previous posts it’s a game of stress management.

The right amount of exercise including the likes of a 20-minute ride to work actually heightens your immune system.

Obviously there’s a balance though and you need to find it.

The right amount of training helps and strengthens your immune system while too much puts it at major risk of infection.


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