Sprinting From Speed

It’s a Saturday morning and unfortunately I’m not on the A1CC ride today.

I’ve a wedding to go to this weekend so while the women are getting ready I thought why not type about cycling.

The topic of conversation in the A1 office at the moment is sprinting.

Slow twitch himself (Anthony) is even doing some sprint sessions thanks to the input of A1 coach Alan Davis.

Sure I’ve been telling him years but he won’t listen to me it had to come from an Aussie!

The Giro also kicked off on Friday with was meant to be a sprint finish but hey it didn’t happen and some part of me loves to see the sprinters getting mugged.

It was a super finish and pretty cool the Irish rider Bennett is rooming with the Maglia Rosa holder.

Anyway– Last week I did two different types of sprint sessions.

Session 1:

8-10 x 10 second standing starts.

Full gas team pursuit style start.

3-4 minutes recovery between each sprint.

Session two:

5 x 20 seconds sprinting off the wheel.

Anthony provided the wheel and I plan on getting a video of this shortly for our YouTube channel so keep an eye out.

So I get Anthony to hit it hard for about a kilometre and I stay aero behind him.

When I see the sign approx. 20 seconds away I come out of the wheel and hit it

(I always sprint for a marker on the road over using time)

Essentially it’s lead out practice.

Next I lead out Anthony and we repeat the process.

So what’s the difference between these two sprints?

Well I’m pretty poor at one in comparison to the other.

I can get from zero to 40-50 kph quite fast.. In other words my acceleration is good.

But going from 40 to 60kph certainly needs some work or in other words my top end speed is crap.

I just don’t have the speed in my legs, which makes sense, as I haven’t been racing all that much.

Do you find you can sprint kind of well out training but when it comes to a race you get pummelled in a big group finish?

Hey Presto!

Buggle’s here to help.

Here’s what I recommend…

Start doing sprints such as the one I described above with a teammate.

I used to do a lot of training alone but sprint sessions are really good to do with someone particularly if you’re close to each other in level or even if you’re not quite as good as the other rider – such as Anthony’s position!

If you train alone you can still do a lot to help it.

Find a fast section of road – ideally a strong tailwind or slight downhill section of road.

Hit it from a fast rolling start and try whip the gear up to speed rapidly – reaching in excess of 115-120 rpm if possible.

Back in the day I used to use a motorbike and some of the guys still do to set the speed to sprint off – mainly because I trained alone a lot of the time.

Coming to think about it – it’s no wonder I trained alone!

It could make all the difference in the finish of your races if you feel you’re just lacking that little extra bit.

Try it.


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