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In this programme we share life-changing information and rare strategies that only the top 1% of people on the planet currently know...

...ideas that will 10x your productivity, multiply your performance and kickstart your best results in 2016 very quickly...

Though the insights and tactics in programme are worth a true fortune (of course you need to act on the ideas to breathe full value into them).

We have put together a life changing 4 week Top Performance Blueprint programme

*Programme Begins With Live Workshop Wed 13th January & Runs Over 4 Live Workshops Until 3rd February 2016

What's Included In This Programme:

  • Membership Of A Private Mastermind Group With Access To Anthony Walsh & Stephen Duggan
  • 4 Life-Hacking LIVE Workshops Where Anthony & Stephen Show You Step-By-Step Their Proven Strategies For Peak Performance Which You Can Copy
  • Your Peak Performance Goal Setting & Tracking Templates
  • Your Productivity Improvement Process & Workbook
  • Your One-Page Life-Strategy Plan For Business, Sport & Life To Help You Achieve Your Biggest Dreams & Ambitions
  • Top Performance Blueprint Book
  • Lots & Lots More...

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want to work with a small intimate MASTERMIND group

on 4 Life-changing workshops to exceed your 2016 goals?​

Inside, you will learn how being productive doesn't just mean getting more done in a day.

You will learn how to unleash the unlimited potential you have within, how to break free of the prison called dramatic distraction and lastly how to go to the next level of entrepreneurial, sporting and life excellence!

If you apply the tactics that I share with you in this programme you will be one step closer to creating stunning results…not only in business, in sport but in your personal life as well.It is important to understand that there is one critical component to producing results masterfully and I do not want you to miss it, so we have laid it out into a step by step programme.

This is the result of thousands of hours of research and having the privilege to work with and coach some of the most elite performers in Sport and in Business.

Both myself and Anthony have used these strategies and tactics to achieve stunning results in Sport and in Business.

Here are some of the game changing strategies and tactics you will learn to employ for Top Performance in every aspect of your life:

  • #1 The Number One Tactic all Top Sports People and Hyper Wealthy Use for Peak Performance – Visualisation
  • #2 Understand how the rich get richer using the Cycle of Reinforcement
  • #3 How to get yourself into a State of Certainty in everything you pursue
  • #4 How to deal with change and harness change for your own development
  • #5 How to develop a winning mindset using daily Micro Wins
  • #6 How to become a better leader
  • #7 Deploy battle tested methods so you can double your productivity. Learn how to use the 7 productivity exercises from the most massively creative & productive people to help you become world class at whatever it is you want to achieve
  • #8 Goal setting for success
  • #9 How to achieve more by doing less
  • #10 The top habits of hyper successful people
  • #11 The power of thinking big and stretching your dreams and ambitions
  • #12 How to find daily focus
  • #13 How to know that every activity you do is taking you further towards you goal
  • #14 Understand your 7 Saboteurs of Success (and how to defeat them)
  • #15 Use the 6 key habits that elite world leaders use every day to get BIG things done

Small daily improvements over time lead to extraordinary results. We will give you a Step by Step roadmap of how you can use the techniques and strategies we will teach you in your everyday life to achieve extraordinary results.

In fact, that’s exactly what we will you helping you with. You will get to work one on one with myself and Anthony.

We are only going to work with a small, intimate mastermind group and you will take part in 4 life changing online workshops where we will help you programme your mind for success in 2016.

There are a number of highly specialized protocols that I run to get my personal results. It's all part of a formula that's been 20 years in the making.

When you run this formula that so few people in the world know, you'll get the results few people on the planet get. [Works every time when done properly].

It is the exact process myself and Anthony have used to collectively, reach the highest level in cycling, set up successful coaching businesses, run a wildly successful online business, sell over $1Bn of services and products…

We will be sharing some of the best things we have figured out on the mindset of mastery, epic productivity and kickstarting your finest performance.

want to work with a small intimate MASTERMIND group

on 4 Life-changing workshops to exceed your 2016 goals?​

My heartfelt beliefs are these:

  • ...you deserve to capitalize on your full potential so you achieve results at the highest level.
  • ...you deserve to break free of the stresses, constraints, negative mindsets and daily frustrations that keep too many good human beings small.
  • ...you deserve to know what it feels like to wake up every day radiating focus, inspiration and optimism so you get more done in a day than most get done in a month.
  • ...and you deserve to raise your life into the realm of the your biggest goals and dreams especially in a world that has pushed so many of us down and hypnotized us into thinking we are average.
  • ...well, I'm here to remind you, with great respect, that YOU ARE NOT AVERAGE...
  • ...and today's the day I help you completely change the game...

KEY FACT: The top 1% who achieve epic results, exponential productivity, world-class performance and enjoy lives of abundance are no smarter, stronger and faster than you (tons of research now supports that the "naturally gifted achiever theory" is pure myth...just not true at all).

...the best of the best just know (and of course apply) a formula that 99% of the world doesn't know. And unfortunately, most of them aren't willing to share it...

...this formula is a lot less about having rare gifts and perfect pasts and a lot more about installing a few simple new beliefs, wiring in a few simple new daily routines, running a few simple new success protocols and making some basic course-corrections that when done consistently over a few weeks multiply into stunning results.

We want YOU to discover this formula so we get you to the place where you belong in your life...


...now it's YOUR chance...to make a single decision that I predict will take the rest of your life in a completely different direction...

Top Performance Blueprint Extreme Achievement Formula (EAF) comes with a 30-day no questions asked 100% money-back guarantee so you have ZERO RISK to try the program out and only awesome results to gain...

I'd really LOVE to work with you as your success coach if you're ready to enjoy some awesome improvements in your productivity, performance and life...starting TODAY...

Now it's time for you to do what every exceptional performer does and ACT versus hesitate, overanalyze, ruminate and postpone to the point where you just lose out on this opportunity...

Click on the link to sign up and join this exclusive mastermind with myself and Anthony starting in early January 2016!

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want to work with a small intimate MASTERMIND group

on 4 Life-changing workshops to exceed your 2016 goals?​