The best bike mechanic in the world

I’m 11 years now succumbed to the cycling world.

While it appears I’ve had brief stints away from the sport over the years, do you really ever fully leave?

I don’t believe I did anyway.

My relationships and way of life are built around the cycling fraternity.

While I really did break for the border at times, I never really made it over the fence.

In recent times I’ve been doing a lot more ‘wheelin and dealin’ in other words training and buying and selling bike ‘bits and bobs’ as usual.

This has put me back in contact with the best mechanic I’ve ever worked with…

Do we all have our favourites?

While extremely humble, his skills, efficiency and downright good-humoured willingness to help are no secret.

A man that has looked after me since I first stepped into his ‘office’ as an underage rider all the way to professional cycling and now as a club rider.

To give the story some context, you really don’t want to be my mechanic…

I break stuff.

A lot of stuff, and at the worst possible times too.

Nowadays it’s not really the end of the world if I’m without my bike for a day or two, but a few years ago it did!

However it was never an issue for my mechanic and with the amount of time of spent with him over the years he became a family friend.

Why is he the best mechanic?

Maybe I’m biased but here is why I think so.

He is an absolute genius with a bike; no job is too big or small.

A friend has dubbed him the inventor of the wheel!

You always get far more than you pay for in terms of service.

Most of all, no matter who you are, he makes you feel welcome, even if you don’t know a cassette from a derailleur.

Mechanics get a rough deal with some people too…

Learn how to change a tyre for god’s sake folks!

But seriously, a little courtesy goes a long way and what you give you get back.

Like any relationship at the end of the day… right?!

Yes it is like a relationship!

Particularly if you’re in this game for the long hall.

A few quid for a beer, a little voucher or just some genuine courtesy goes a long way with your trusty mechanic.

Moral of the story lads find ‘the one’ and look after him, believe me it’s worth it.



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