The Game Hasn’t Changed


Over the last decade cycling has become highly technology based and science has brought our sport to ridiculous new levels.

With €1000 euro wind tunnel visits to €500 plus skinsuits and what I’m really getting at… the new perceived ‘magic’ training sessions.

‘What session will make me the best rider I can be’? Is something we here time and time again at A1 coaching..

There is one outstanding commonality at the lower rungs of our sport in regards to technology.

While some may make the claim, they do not overcome one critical component of our beautiful sport.


‘The grind’…


While technology is hugely important and the best training methods tailored to your needs is invaluable..

It does not change the fact you still need to work your ass off to reach your goals.

Too often we see people trying to buy there way out of the grind!

Believe me I’m a huge technology advocate. Without being at the forefront of it you would find it near impossible to succeed in cycling nowadays.

But more often than not it’s not the answer to your goals… discipline, hard work, commitment and patience are the keys to your progression.

No amount of money spending can buy your way out of the grind; all of the components including technology should be viewed as aids to getting you there.

The game hasn’t changed lads..

Pull your socks up strap up your helmet and get out and work your ass off and you will succeed in reaching your goals.

– Aaron Buggle

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