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( It’s a guest blog from Tim O Regan)

Hello again Tim O Regan here

So here I am, halfway through the season, long evenings, warm dry sunny days in this “current heatwave”, the long winter spins in preparation for the Ras are a distant memory.

It was a week of mixed emotions after the Elliott and coming up to the Ras, I was on the start line Wednesday Night but by Thursday I couldn’t commit due to work. It will be worth it later in the year I hope!

I hesitantly rode into the Ras start at Dublin Castle in Sunday morning, wearing the Gabba and knee warmers, for fear of standing around and getting cold and a small bottle of water to sip on, sure id only be out for 30-40 mins, the head wasn’t in the mood for training today.. Or so I thought!!

Soon after arriving down, the excitement, the regret of not starting and the atmosphere hit. A team mate Mark mentioned he was doing 6 hours, another slagged saying im in no condition for 6 hours, challenge accepted and soon I was back in my apartment losing the warmer gear and filling bottles and pockets for a day in the Wicklow mountains.

Back into Dublin castle to say the final farewell to the lads. As the Ras rolled out a quick chat with Mick Fitz and my regrets on not doing it, his response, sticking with me even now,

“it looks all well and good here but 10 minutes out the road I know what happens, and he was and is right. Hell” So into the Wicklow mountains myself and Mark went, and I bloody loved every minute of it, his enthusiasm and dedication must have rubbed off, shame his fearless descending didn’t?.

Coffee stops, visits to Glenmalure, Sally Gap, Wicklow Gap, rain and sun it was an epic spin, the longest in over a year for me and I arrived home with the bug back, it could have been worse as had a touch of the bonk near the end.

Nearing home I seen a woman who had been knocked off her bike, cementing how vulnerable we are so take care out there, she had a crowd around her and looked to be getting the required help. On I went as there was nothing I could do.

So Post Ras: Did I make the correct choice? I think so, I have a Mortage to save for, love work, I am not going 100% so to ride the Ras would only have been for the sake of it, and sure iv done that numerous times. Except, I was still glued to the laptop, phone or whatever internet access I could get from 11-3pm daily.

For now im enjoying the bike again, nerves are dwindling. Had a savage weekend, of a 5 hour ride in the wet that I have to say I really did enjoy it and 3 hour race on Sunday in which the batteries literally ran out after I constantly was attacking for the first half of the race. Mark (Teammate) won, hes motoring and wish him all the best as he heads off to Belgium for afew weeks racing. Yesterday evening spent the last few laps of a fast and furious race in Mondello off the front only to be caught with 300m to go, the legs are coming back at last I hope.

Until next time,

Tim O Regan

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