The ‘Secret Sauce’ To Crushing Your Goals – Part 1

Dodging showers

I’m sitting down at the café doing some work. (Eating a whopper blueberry muffin)
I’m a bit later than I planned due to trying to dodge the rain showers.
It’s a recovery day. Before anyone thinks, “what a softie”.
I don’t like getting wet on recovery days.
Call me soft, I don’t care!
The first email I had in my inbox this morning was from a bloke on A1 members.
A sportive rider that has just finished the build plan and is well on the way to building for his event at the end of the year.
He set out by stating he is a big believer goal setting in both sport and business circles.

The question

His primary question was, “what do I believe to be some of the pivotal factors to take into account when shooting for a goal in cycling”.
To be clear it was the first time he had aimed for an event in cycling.
I’ve thought about it now for a couple of hours and here is number one of five things you need to remember and will certainly encounter on your respective journeys.

Focus on what REALLY Matters

You can’t do everything; (not well anyway) I learned this the hard way last year.
If you have being following my updates you’ll know that my lifestyle has turned on its head in recent years.
I went from cycling. Literally JUST cycling.
To university student, cyclist, research assistant, coach and now much more at A1 coaching.
Along with ‘smaller things’ like moving in with my other half and getting a proper taste of the state of Dublin’s rental market.

Make it happen

Anyway, I believe wholeheartedly in the fact that if you want something and I mean TRULY want something you can make it happen.
Regardless of what time you perceive to have available to you.

What did I do?

I broke my life into components and ranked the ones most important to me.
I came up with 4 components that would take priority in my life and accepted that the rest would just have to suffer. PERIOD.
My components?
My partner, my health- which included my bike, my studies and my work with A1 coaching.
What about friends, family and everything else?
I discussed my plans openly with the people that are important to me and told them that this is the way it’s going to be until I get out the other side.
To be clear the other side for me is not just to make it through – it’s to smash each out of the park.
(Oh God that doesn’t sound right when I look at my first component!)
Family and true friends always understand –
Frankly, I never wanted to be ordinary and I always enjoyed being the hermit so the important people already knew the story.
For the ones that don’t, (understand that is) I wish them all the best, but this is my journey not theirs.
I truly believe this is one of the biggest differences between hitting goals and not making the cut whether it is the bike or not.
Most don’t buy in and make the sacrifices required – instead they thread water keeping everyone around them happy while their own physical and mental health suffers as a result.

All this sacrifice sounds miserable though?

Not its not!
Believe me, it’s bliss.
It’s incredibly satisfying and by doing it you make yourself happy, you notice these things improve 10- fold and that increases your confidence and self-efficacy.
You want a key take home point that will help you reach your target?

Be a little selfish!

Just be sure to talk to whole process through with the people who mean the most to you.
As for the others, they’ll be there when you get back from nailing your goal.
Remember its all chips in – otherwise you may need to lower your expectations to avoid disappointment, it’s an all in kind of sport.

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