Too Early For The Winter Break?

It’s another super sunny morning on the coast.
It’s almost the beginning of September the racing season is over, already.
A lot of questions flow in this time of year to A1 coaching…
There’s no racing what should I do?
Break now and start to build earlier?
Find something to keep you going and make the season longer?
Or as one of the lads that clearly needs a break stated..
“Time to go on the beer”.


I love riding my bike in late August early September.
It’s a bit fresher but the weather is generally pretty good.
I always rediscover my love of just riding freely in September.

Take a break ?

Why in god’s name would you take time off the bike now unless you had no choice?
I truly believe in the process over the winter months is key to building for the subsequent season.
However, a 5-6 month winter of building is far too long in my book and your motivation will not carry you through such a long period, unless you are unbelievably mentally astute.
Seeing as I didn’t race this season for one reason or another, now is a super time of year to get out with the lads and arrange some rides when nobody is trying to do their own thing or hold a specific threshold.
I’m kind of going with a Garmin free theme at the moment if you have been following these blogs and I’m sticking with it today.
The weather is still good at the moment and as we all no it’s inevitably going to get crap, particularly here in Ireland.
Take your break from riding when the weather is shit!
Not when it’s still nice out.

What should you do now?

Ok here are some little secrets from the good guys.
Firstly, if you have a group of mates riding nearby get out with them and ride when you can as much as you can.
The evenings are still bright and this won’t last, also you will have a lot of lonesome training to do over the winter so get out on the social bun runs and have the craic.
Personally I think picking out a late season sportive or any type of organised event is a great idea to lengthen your season a little.
This is something a lot of the pro’s do if they haven’t any late season events on their schedule.
Mainly for the social reasons and the fact it’s too early to start specific training for next year’s season.

My top tip

Have your season recapped before you stop riding, access what you did where you got to and what you achieved.
Then access what your plan is going forward, this doesn’t have to be set in stone but it’s a good idea and helps you to truly relax before you stick the feet up.
This includes knowing what coach or a general programme you’re following going forward.
Basically it really helps to know at what it is you’re coming back to and puts you’re mind at ease.


Last but by no means least and I see this every year!
Get your shit ready for winter early, even now!
Then put it away until after your break.
This is super important.
You see it also allows you to relax and focus on chilling over the course of your break, without having to think about heading to the bike shop.
Plus there’s no rush on them to do it for a change either, so everyone wins.
I made this mistake for years as a youngster stressing about getting parts together and the planned two week break has now become 4 weeks.

To wrap up

It’s not time to stop yet lads – it’s too early in my opinion.
Recap your season and think about your plan going forward.
Organise your shit for winter before you take your break.

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