Back to normality

It’s Monday morning and it’s back to the grind.

It’s 6.35 am and I’m sitting down in the sports science lab in DCU where I just scared the crap out of the cleaner who was cleaning the floor with headphones on.

“Hup ouwa that!”

I came in extra early to catch up on some coaching work and write this blog following a week were training completely took over my life.

A topic of conversation that has come up quite a bit lately is my trainability with Anthony.

Trainability refers to the faster adaptation to training stimuli of athletes as they respond individually to specific stimuli and adapt to it accordingly.

In other words how our bodies react individually to training loads thanks to ‘good oul’ genetics.

Why did this come up?

I went to a training camp in Spain last week with a very small amount of bike riding done prior to the camp.

While moving ok on day 1, I got better and better each day.

Hence, the conversation of trainability between Anthony and I commenced.

A bit about me first, yes I have ridden as a professional and trained full time for years so theoretically I should return to form fast.

While this is true, I put a lot being able to come back to a high level quickly down to the following two points.

1. Trainability 2. My lifestyle

I live a lifestyle conducive to returning to the sport rapidly. I don’t carry weight, I’m always active training in some form and my diet is for the most part top notch.

This is why I get a little frustrated with words like talent and trainability, while I believe in them to some extent; they do not give the full picture and they are often used as excuses for people that don’t want to put in the graft.

I’m no genetic freak; yes I have some favourable genetics for cycling but what you see here is someone with the correct lifestyle that has done the grind before.

I know what it feels like to be in top shape and I really struggle to let myself fall too far from grace – this is why I come back fast, its not as simple as coining it ‘talent’.

What does this mean for you?

No individuals’ physiology or genetics are exactly the same, so no two people will respond to a training programme the same way.

Different lifestyles and other components lead to some people starting at a higher or a lower level base level of fitness.

I’d consider mine quite high, as I never allow myself to get too unfit but everyone’s starting point is different.

Just because your starting point is low doesn’t necessarily mean you will respond to training slowly either!


You may be lucky enough to respond to training really fast and that’s great.

If you think you’re a slow responder to training fear not!

Just because you respond slower doesn’t mean you don’t respond at all and this is where consistency and patience kick in.

Some individuals that respond rapidly may also plateau earlier and may not have the diligence required as it comes to them all too easy.

The person that improves slowly also develops patience commitment and consistency in the process all of which are invaluable in this game.

Take home

Have a think about it, which are you?

Remember when following plans on A1 members all of you will respond completely differently to training programmes.

Some may respond really well to the build programme while another may excel in the sprint programme.

Welcome to genetics 101 folks, we are all made differently so focus on you and only you.

See you on the road,

A. Buggle

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