Trials & Tribulations Of Tasting Tarmac


Believe me when I say this, I’m good at crashing.

Oh boy have I had some tumbles in my career…

I fell in my first ever race as a pre pubescent teenager and I fell in my last race as a professional bike rider.

You’re probably thinking now, ah this guy knows what he’s on about… and you’d be right…

I’m a fully-fledged crashing expert.

Does that mean I have shit bike-handling skills?

I don’t believe so anyway, no!

Our sport is a cruel mistress at times…

That movie ‘a series of unfortunate events’ and Jim Carrey’s mad looking head spring to mind….


All of my big and nasty crashes were a combination of bad luck and ‘non-pilot error’…

Really, they were!

I swear that traffic cone was out to get me that day.

As for the day the speed play cleat ripped off my shoe, while sprinting out of a corner mid criterium…

What can I say?

Watts baby, watts!

A few pointers when you decide to taste some tarmac?

Confidence can take an unmerciful beating after a tumble…

The key is getting that mojo back… while not forcing things either, like I did!

Remember I know what I’m on about!


Patience is key…

You’ve had a trauma!

Although I look happy in the photo here that is 100% the effects of the morphine I was full off…

Your body is trying to recover, let it do so!

When you do get back out on the road again, be kind to yourself, for god sake enjoy riding easy for a few days!

When you’re up for it, I find the best thing to improve your confidence is get out into a group ride…

If you just ride by yourself for the duration of your recovery, you will completely ‘brick it’ when it comes to your next event.

Relax and breathe…

Instead of focusing on and being mentally absorbed by ‘please don’t crash’ thoughts, focus and imagine nailing that next corner or decent.

Visualise that happening and recognise what that feels like, positive thoughts only!

I had a series of multiple concussions and I’m happy to say I’m now over the hump and the sport is beckoning me back..

I have struggled with crashing and the fear that comes with it for sometime but with some work and whole load of patience you do get over it.

The truth is, you risk a crash every time you go out on the road.

Sometimes you don’t even have to go out on the road, ever fallen off the turbo or rollers?…

No, me neither!

The down – low

Crashing is part of our sport and you will undoubtedly come down again just like I will.

The odds are however, that it won’t be one you can’t jump back up from.

Here’s to staying upright!

Aaron Buggle

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